About Nurture Roots

Nurture Roots is a project cum passion of two mothers. It’s an initiative that seeks to nurture the roots of the society – children and women.  While children are the seeds that shall sprout into our future plants and trees, the women are the branches holding them upright and strong. 

The data in the present day reflects that due to the severity of screen addiction, gross diseases in children and young adults, loss of innocence, and erosion of real engagement and happiness, is swelling up very fast. Not only is the screen affecting kids, it’s also stealing away Parent’s Time and Attention from the kids which is the most needed and precious gift to them.


Amidst this scenario, Nurture Roots is an initiative that seeks to restore Eastern Wisdom, harmony of life, cultural values and the lost Indian art forms. To achieve the same, Yoga & Meditation along with Storytelling forms the spine of our work. Imbibing these two powerful channels, Nurture Roots forms a bouquet of versatile Services & Products.

We work on achieving a state of healthy body and mind. Yoga and meditation embarks the journey of self-discovery and hence we work upon mental fitness as much as physical fitness.

With the enchanting art of story-telling, we recite folklores, stories from the past, fables from the far away cultures, mythology of our rich nation in unique and engrossing way.

We work on bringing back the true nature of an individual which is abundance of happiness and vibrancy. The workshops at Nurture Roots are designed to knit the family together and give them positive activities and platforms to engage together.

Playing around so many roles, the woman in our society forgets themselves as individuals. Nurture Roots provides a platform to our woman for self-expression and constructive recreation. We not only give them the voice to talk about themselves, but also provide them the time to relax and rejuvenate through various interesting activities.